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Area Codes for the Largest Cities in South Carolina
Aiken 803
Anderson 864
Charleston 843
Columbia 803
Florence 843
Goose Creek 843
Greenville 864
Greenwood 864
Hilton Head Island 843
Mount Pleasant 843
Myrtle Beach 843
North Charleston 843
Rock Hill 803
Spartanburg 864
St. Andrews 803
Summerville 843
Sumter 803
Taylors 864
Wade Hampton 864

Carolina South is located in the southeastern United States, North Carolina, Southeast of the Atlantic, the coastline of 4200 kilometers, southwest georgia. State is divided into three geographic regions: the Atlantic coastal plain, Pidemeng area and the Blue Ridge District,
District of the Atlantic coastal plain accounted for South Eastern two thirds of the area, Pidemeng is area of the mountain is not high, the soil is hard layer, the northeast corner of Blue Ridge District is located in the south, including the the state's highest peak - Saishaforuisi mountain.
Climate and area: 82931 square kilometers of state area, ranking fortieth in the United States 50. Is a sub tropical climate, summer long and hot and humid, the maximum temperature of 43 degrees Celsius, short winter and cold and dry, the average temperature in January is 7 degrees Celsius to 11 degrees Celsius, in July for 26 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees celsius. In most areas, the average annual rainfall is 1200 mm and the mountain area is 1780 mm.
Urban population: population 4.679 million (in 2011), ranked the United States ranked 24th, capital of Colombia (Columbia) is located in the south central part of the state, with a population of 1.2 million is South economic and political center, is the nation's fastest growing city, in the northern city of Greenville Er (Greenville) is the industrial center of the south, more than 230 multinational here to settle down. Columbia City, northeast of Camden (Camden) is Haier, a Chinese company, American manufacturing factory was located, and from Columbia only half an hour's drive.
History: South Carolina, the name of the system to commemorate the British king Charlie I, the original and North Carolina for the first place, 1712 is divided into two states, in 1788 to join the union, the United States has become the original eighth states in 13 states. The American Civil War, South Carolina in December 20, 1860 from the federal government in 1868, and return to the federal.
Auto industry: 46 counties in the South have settled in 41 with the automotive industry related companies, state in more than one-third in auto industry related companies from overseas, such as exclusive North American German BMW company assembly plant, and over 200, including the German Bosch (Bosch), French Michelin (Michelin) and other international famous auto parts supplier, a total investment of more than $50 billion, creating a 2.1 million jobs. 52.9% of the new investment funds from the existing company this data further proved the sustainable development potential of enterprises settled in the south.
Biotechnology: South Carolina for the life sciences industry fiscal policy and R & D funds assets and investment advantages prominent, bio technology research institutes in combinatorial chemistry, proteomics, genomics, transgenic plants, biological materials and equipment, medical research, clinical trials, public health, biology and environmental protection engineering etc. R & D projects outstanding achievements attracted Bausch & Lomb (Bausch & Lomb), Pfizer (PFE), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Ranier health products (Leiner), and the famous Swiss Roche pharmaceutical company (Roche) nearly 40 famous biotechnology enterprises. In the past ten years, the biotechnology industry has invested $about 3000000000 in South Carolina, creating 11 thousand jobs.
Aerospace: South Carolina's aerospace industry business scope includes aircraft production, assembly, parts manufacturing; technical, engineering consulting; special private aircraft and entertainment aircraft manufacturing, etc.. In addition, the South has complete aircraft industry supply chain, including plastic and composite materials manufacturing, processing, metal processing and chemical manufacturing; company mainly include Walter, Alenia etc. over more than 30 large aircraft industry company.
Foreign investment: at present, a total of more than and 200 multinational companies choose to set up factories in South carolina. South per capita absorption of foreign investment in the United States has been far ahead, in recent years the average annual investment of more than $60 billion, the major investing countries and regions are Germany, Japan, France, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium. The major investment projects of Japan Bridgestone tyre factory, Fujifilm company factory, French Michelin tire factory, the German BMW manufacturing factory


Transportation: South Carolina is located in the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States is connected the southern and northern parts of the United States an important commercial traffic hub, is one of the earliest North America and world trade region. The state a total of nine commercial airport, three major ports, 4 more than 1000 km of railways, 5 major inter State Road, 10 thousand much kilometer interstate highway. Any production base in South Carolina, logistics center or regional headquarters from the United States more than half of the fastest development of the market is only 8 hours drive. Charleston Harbor (Charleston) is the largest port in the southeastern United States and the Gulf of Mexico, West Atlantic coast the largest Sino US container port trade, more than 140 countries in the world of 40 multiple shipping line service, 40% handling Sino US container trade.
Service Government: South Carolina Department of Commerce (South Carolina Department of Commerce) for the opening of new or additional investment companies to provide services, to help enterprises together with the development of business plans, provide alternative financing opportunities, help existing enterprises to seek suppliers and service providers. South Carolina State also provides convenience by providing online services to companies for licensing and licensing, and providing one-stop service. A one-stop examination and approval procedures streamlined, clear responsibility, for the establishment of enterprises and the development of clearing away the unnecessary obstacles, most of projects submitted to the examination and approval of the once through the examination and approval and review the rate is less than one percent. Government agencies and enterprises to work together, exchange and convenient, but also the approval of low cost, the first and trial costs in the United States is one of the lowest in the state.
South of the commercial facilities are good in quality and cheap in price, the enterprise industrial average electricity cost is only equivalent to one-third of the price in most regions of China, southeastern public service facilities in the United States with the lowest cost of the area, the construction cost lower than national average 15%, more than the nation's high level of 25% lower. By the South Carolina Department of Commerce to provide online site selection system, investors can purchase or lease the use of more than 1 thousand and 400 industrial construction facilities in the state.



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