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    About louisiana Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Louisiana, to commemorate the LouisXIV of France King named.

    The state is BatonRouge, located in the southern part of the state, Mississippi River on the east coast, the population of 50000. Port and city of NewOrleans, located in the mouth of the Mississippi River. Population Liusanwan, large urban areas, forty thousand. According to statistics, the annual import and export of goods amounted to one hundred and twenty million tons, second only to New York, the second largest port in the United states.
    There are 25 institutions of higher learning in the state. Of which the most famous is the Louisiana State University, founded in 1860 in 2001 years, the treatment of locations in Baton Rouge, three campuses, the students of about 30000.
    This state has three characteristics: first, the terrain is the lowest state in the United States. It is located on the lower Mississippi River, including the island toe delta plain, the average height of 30 meters, the river often flooded in. Second, the crop, sugar and sweet potato in the United States, are the first. Rice yield column second. Besides producing walnut Pecan, soybean, cotton and corn. Third, mineral, oil production in Texas, the second column. Sulfur production column first.

    Louisiana is a sub tropical monsoon humid climate. Hot and humid in summer, mild in winter. Annual average temperature, the most northern part is 18 degrees Celsius, the Mississippi River mouth 1. August average maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the average minimum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius in January. Average growth period was 220-320 days. The average annual rainfall of 1200 mm in Shreve Porter, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge 1600 mm. Abundant rainfall, long growth period, soil fertility is the favorable conditions for the development of agriculture.


    Jackson Square is located in the New Orleans French Quarter, mimicking the famous French Vosges around is Decatur street, St. Peter street, St. Anne street and Chartres street, in 1960 was listed as a national historic landmark, is one of the most famous New Orleans Square.
    The bishop of St. Louis cathedral is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Jackson Square for the Mississippi River in the heart of New Orleans, is the Cathedral of the bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, is also a number of facing the main square of the Catholic Church in the United States.
    St. Louis cathedral's history can be traced back to 1718, 1718 first church in this building, the third bridge was built in 1789, 1793 was promoted as the cathedral, 1850 were substantially rebuilt, 1789 remaining structure rarely. The church by Pope Paul VI design, in 1789 began building, completed in 1850, John Paul II in 1987 to visit the church, at present the church followers of up to 6000 people. This looks spectacular and gorgeous interior of St. Louis bishop cathedral has become one of New Orleans's most popular churches, every day from around the world and Hindus to visit this prayer and visit.
    Black Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located in Washita County, Louisiana, Louisiana five wildlife reserve, one of, established in 1977, covers an area of 4200 acres, is a civilization ocean protected area, the world tourists.

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