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    About nevada Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Characteristics of the state are four: first, the state of the United States the most arid. The average annual rainfall of only 185 mm (seven / four inch). Second, it is the United States with the smallest population density of third States (with an average population density per square kilometer, less than one person in Alaska, Wyoming and Nevada, two states, less than two people). Third, the state's divorce law, where the state of residence within six weeks, you can apply for a divorce. This method is helpful to the development of tourism. Fourth, the number of people who travel to the state outside the state each year, more than fifty-five times the total population of the state. Revenue from the entertainment market, accounting for about 1/2 of the total. Tourism revenue of more than $seven hundred million a year.
    If you go to a tourist destination in Las Vegas, then your travel experience will naturally follow the pace of its colourful... And in some small villages, such as Yili (ely), Panaka Panaca, TONOPAH (TONOPAH), simple style embodied is Nevada rustic side. And Reno (Reno), the center of the city scene is booming. Traditional cowboy town in Elko, Elko) is "American cowboy poetry gathering" rallies and town show cowboy legend culture. Nevada, show a multi-faceted and colorful world.
    Road travel, must be the most unique journey in Nevada. Because in the United States of the contiguous 48 states, Nevada has most of the mountains, hundred miles of mountains and rivers, include a west of the Sierra Nevada mountains and east of the ruby mountains, the scenery is magnificent. From Reno departure, driving along 80-U.S. 50, along the way Mountains stretches, sitting in the car is a kind of enjoyment, a kind of freedom. During along the "lonely road" you can encounter a magnificent "Great Basin National Park, with a mining history of the town... And don't forget to near Elko California Research Center (California trail interpretive center) feel a lot of.
    Nevada and also to its engineering miracle - the Hoover Dam (Hoover Dam) reputation outside, the dam by the Colorado River water to produce hydropower force and benefit in Nevada, Arizona and California.

    The state is within the Great Basin. The northern boundary of Oregon and Idaho two, West and southwest two and is adjacent to California. Southeast Arizona, East and Utah state. West state of the state of the Sierra Nevada mountains of resistance, climate drought only to the irrigation of the local agricultural and animal husbandry. Copper mineral. A very wide range of dry areas in the state. In the following two areas: population concentration (A) of a small South West border of the state, (B) a district of the southeast corner of the state, close to Lake mead. The famous American LasVegas is in this area. One hundred and thirty thousand of the population (large urban Erwuwan). This is the largest city in the state.

    Great Basin National Park
    Great Basin National Park covers an area of 7.71 mu, the basin at the bottom of the mountain AI has been extended to the height of 13063 feet of Wheeler peak. Park landscape of rivers, lakes, alpine plants and rich wildlife species, park deep-rooted Gusong, limestone cave -- Lehman holes, etc.

    1. 密湖国家游乐区 Lake Mead National Recreation Area

    2. Lee Canyon Winter Sports Area

    3. 火焰谷州立公园Valley of Fire State Park

    4. 金字塔湖 Pyramid Lake

    5. 查理斯顿山 Mount Charleston

    6. 死亡谷Death Valley

    7. 李曼洞 Lehman Caves

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