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    About pennsylvania Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    The state's most famous university was founded in 1740 in Philadelphia of University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania. Existing student number twenty thousand. Pennsylvania State University was founded in 1855, the place university park in University Park, the number of students is about sixty thousand.
    In Philadelphia, you have the opportunity for famous symphonies and drama cheers. Philadelphia is an early developed financial and commercial city in the United States. Here established the first bank of the United States and the first stock exchange, has retained a mint. Philadelphia is also a famous cultural city.
    The first American cultural society, the American Philosophical Society and the first library, was born in this. At present, the city has more than and 40 libraries, a collection of about 5000000. There are more than and 30 colleges and universities in Philadelphia, the more famous universities are the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University.
    Gardens Longwood is a good place for vacation and leisure in the eastern United States, known as the most beautiful private garden in the United States. There is a two hour drive from New York, only half an hour away from Philadelphia. Spring to see cherry blossoms, tulips, roses and lilies enjoy the summer, autumn chrysanthemum......
    The huge greenhouse throughout the year from tropical rainforest plants a riot of colour, to the desert area of plants, everything.

    Culture and education: Pennsylvania higher education is rich in resources, 145 colleges and 104 two-year college and community college and the University of Pennsylvania in U. S. News & World Report magazine American university rankings ranked fourth, undergraduate colleges in the Wharton Business School ranked first in similar projects and other well-known university and Lehigh University (Lehigh University), Gannon University (Gannon University, Carnegie long University (Carnegie Mellon University).
    Pennsylvania has more than more than 100 of the State Park and a national forest El Fanny national forest. Popular activities are skiing, snow motorcycle and a variety of water movement.
    Industrial products are mainly food processing, chemical, mechanical, electronic and tourism, the major industrial sectors are metallurgical, textile, chemical, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, shipbuilding, electronics, electrical, etc..

    Zoo to protect animals that are about to disappear, according to the endangered animals degree can be divided into six categories, such as endangered, threatened animals, concern animals, endangered species, tourists in the ornamental to alpacas, lynx, red kangaroo, laughing kingfisher, Mongoose, and Canadian lynx, corner Oryx, North American river otter, snowy owl, Blackfoot penguins, trumpeter swan, Eugene kangaroo, Mexican gray wolf, plains zebra etc.. In addition to watching animals, the zoo also provides visitors with a variety of recreational projects, so that visitors can better understand the animals.
    Valley Zoo Lehigh
    Must go to reason: one of the most popular zoo in Pennsylvania
    If you are a movie lover, then choose the United States of Pittsburgh on the right. Pittsburgh, the United States is not only the United States, said the city of iron and steel, but also known as the eastern Hollywood". Pittsburgh is also a bridge city, large and small bridge as many as 446. It is because of these bridges to become the film's base, has always been the world famous directors who fancy.

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