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    About virginia Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Virginia is the state capital of Richmond, population 25 million.Virginia Commonwealth Univetsity a in 1838 and, the number of students of more than 10000.
    Virginia, to commemorate the Queen of England Virgin named. Norfolk is the largest city in Virginia, an important seaport. Located at the midpoint of the Atlantic coast of the United States, choke the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, James and Elizabeth Rivers Estuary, respectively, with Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News City, across the river; area of 140.4 square kilometers.
    Virginia Beach is located in the southeast corner of the United States east coast of Virginia, close to the Atlantic, from the capital, Washington, DC, only 3.5 hours drive. If you drive from the capital by the east coast all the way to the south, is known as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, one of the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge will be presented in front of you, it is the world's longest tunnel bridge. Virginia Beach is Virginia's largest city, nearly 60 km stretches endless beach and 5 km seaside walk and rich and colorful outdoor activities, let the resort full of charming colors. If you want to give body and mind to completely relax, please Laifujini sub Beach Tourism -- here, you will really start to enjoy life.

    Virginia Beach is located between the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay, south of the North Carolina is independent city of Virginia South Hampton Roads, is the largest city in the state. The city is one of the most famous holiday cities in the United States. It is visited by tourists from all over the world every year, enjoying the sunshine and the beach.
    To enjoy it, from changing the Virginia Museum of contemporary art exhibition, to the Sandler Center for the performing arts take turns on stage performing artists at home and abroad, and the local theatre and comedy club in passionate performances, as well as the promenade is full of festive atmosphere of free performances. The diversity of musical styles and art form lets you do a cultural explorer, enjoy the release of love for art.
    Any time of year, you will travel in Virginia Beach as the center to explore the surrounding area -- in Fort Williams, Bush park to spend a day, the experience of the United States strike a deep chord roller coaster bring Scream: also can shuttle a few Fort Williams repaired the street, into the historical figures in the narrator dress up under the leadership of the colonial history of feelings; you can also visit the British first permanent residence in the United States, James Don; or crossed the coast of Virginia came to the Blue Ridge Mountains, feel the infinite charm the side of the mountain town; can also be a day trip to northern Virginia and the Washington area, a brigade of the museum.
    St. John's Cathedral built in 1741, is the oldest church in the city of Richmond, in the United States during the war of independence has great significance, because in 1775 Patrick Henry (Patrick Henry): "not free, or die" speech and well-known. Up to now, every week reproduction that year "not free or die" an impassioned speech revolution.
    Portsmouth Cultural Arts Center, the Jewish Museum and cultural center, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum, hill house, Portsmouth lightship Museum, not to be missed.

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