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    About oklahoma Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Oklahoma, the name comes from the Indian language, its meaning is people Red. The state is Oklahoma City, a population of 370 thousand, the state's first city.
    There are 40 colleges and universities in the state. The most famous is the University of Oklahoma, was founded in in 1890, place in the capital in the vicinity of the Norman, the students of about 20000.

    The state has two features: first, the contour is like a saucepan, pot handle to the west. Second, production of oil and gas production of chlorine is the most rich, Grant Thornton, for the state crown.
    The northern boundary of Kansas and Colorado State, east of the Missouri and Arkansas two states, south of the Red River and Texas across, even the West Texas and New Mexico.
    The United States currently has more than and 500 Native American tribes, 39 of which are in Oklahoma, and in fact the Oklahoma City was once a great Indian reservation. The United States government in nineteenth Century to the relocation of indigenous people to Oklahoma, known as the Indian territory". Today, from across the United States more than 100 tribes of Indians in June each year are gathered to the Russian state capital of Oklahoma City held the Red Earth Festival to celebrate them through the vicissitudes of life have been preserved in culture, and let a person see Indian cultural richness.
    From the forest to sand dunes, from prairie to cypress swamps and Oklahoma have than any other state is more diverse geographical landscape. Here, there are 39 Native American ethnic groups based in the headquarters, 66 of the best driving sections (there are some of the best maintained roadside attractions), and the world class Museum of Western Art

    Tulsa is located in northeastern Oklahoma. Oklahoma City Northeast of 99 miles, Tulsa County, the county government, is the state's second most populous city. The city is the forty-fifth largest city in the United States and the ninety-third largest city in North America, because the former rich oil, so there is the world's oil capital of the world.
    Most of the buildings in the city were decorated with art in twentieth Century, and the magnificent architecture of the city was a beautiful view of the city. The city has 135 parks, an area of up to 6000 acres, both colorful botanical gardens, but also an elegant environment of the park, to rest and relax the space provided by the body and mind. Oklahoma aquarium for Oklahoma's only freestanding aquarium, exhibition of up to 200 multinomial can see the colorful world of the ocean floor. The zoo is one of the best zoos in the United States. It is home to 436 species and more than 1 thousand and 500 animals. In addition, it is also an exhibition of the history of different species of animals in North America. Philbrook Museum of art is one of the most important museums in Tulsa, opened in 1939, each year about 1.5 million people visit, a collection of works by famous artists, and held a variety of exhibition.
    Will go to reason: the world's oil capital

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