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    About alabama Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Beauty, history, culture, adventure - all of this is in the state of Alabama. Here, from the world class golf course to the white sandy beach. Here, every meal is a celebration, each town has a story, each day brings new discoveries. Alabama like Birmingham and mobile this vibrant city, more like the U.S. space and Rocket Center and the barber Vintage museum so unique attractions. And in the dining area, whether you want to slow fire cooked Southern food or a meal elegant dinner, you will in Alabama get unexpected harvest.

    Tourist city
    Bermingham is the largest city in alabama. [8]
    Montgomerie is located in Montgomerie County, Alabama on the United states. [9]
    The Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States, is a mountain of eastern North america.
    Educational institutions
    Alabama, a total of 15 public universities, 21 colleges, 5 Public College of technology, 17 private schools. The famous universities in the state of Alabama, Auburn University, Troy university. Auburn University is the state's largest public comprehensive university, is the high level of research universities, scientific research strength is strong, a large number of specialized research institutions, such as Alabama microelectronics science and technology center, space energy research, biological detection system research institute
    Science and technology development

    Alabama has advantages in aerospace, communications, medical and health fields. The Marshall Space Flight Center is located in the city of Huntsville is one of the nine Space Center, is mainly responsible for the space transport and propulsion system development and production of the space shuttle solid rocket booster and main engine and fuel tank. Cummings research park is across the second largest, world fourth Science Park, research and service facilities, admission enterprises and research institutions more than 300, including IBM, Boeing and other Fortune 500 companies and the National Center for space science and technology, Alabama Supercomputing Center. Located in the state of South South Research Institute is the important communication, aerospace materials and high technology research and development base. The state's famous international fertilizer development center.

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