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    About illinois Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Illinois, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is Men or Warriors.
    Illinois state is Springfield, located in the west, a population of ninety thousand. Metropolitan Chicago in the northeast corner of the state, according to the population of 3 million 300 thousand people in recent years, nearly 7 million people in large urban areas, as the United States second metropolitan.
    By the Chicago North through the St. Lawrence Seaway, up to the Atlantic; to the south, the Mississippi River, up to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Illinois University, referred to as UI, was founded in 1867, is one of the most influential public university system in the world. After nearly one hundred and fifty years of development, University of Illinois has been one of the best universities in the United States, ranking the forefront of the country's top public universities. University three campuses to provide hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and professional courses in education and nearly 5000 courses, many of which are in the world's leading professional disciplines; university students in more than 78 thousand people.
    University of Illinois, including the Urbana-Champaign, Chicago , Springfield three campuses.
    The city of Chicago preserved early traditional style and modern western ancient architecture, spectacular towering skyscrapers. The city along the broad magnificent Avenue stretching dozens of kilometers, planning layout arranged in good order. Now the city is rebuilt after the fire in 1871, the new town of various shapes, different shapes of high-rise buildings to become a museum of architectural art. Skyscrapers in the downtown area of Chicago are more than New York. Today, 5 of the world's top 3 skyscrapers in Chicago, the city center of the Sears Building in the United States is the first high-rise, there are 110 floors, 443 meters high.
    The Greek National Museum is located in the Western Chicago Greek city, established in 1983, is the first devoted to the collection of Museum of Greece and Greek American history and culture, the history of Greek immigrants in the United States to the descendants of Greek Americans about, so that they can better understand the history and precious cultural heritage protection.

    Chicago, Illinois is the most famous, but in fact not only in this. The state and many attractions, including the Arcola in the bound and Arthur Yamixi district (Amish communities, outside of Mexico's largest Indian cemetery Cahokia mounds, located on the Mississippi River Cliff Town, after repair of the mining town of galena, Illinois south of the Shawnee national forest area, and the state capital of spring Tian Shi (Springfield), here is the 16th century by the former residence of loved by the American President Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln).

    Chicago, of course, is not to be missed. The Art Institute of Chicago is in addition to the Louvre in Paris, the largest collection of Impressionist paintings of the place, and Adler Observatory (Adler planetarium) and the Museum of science and industry (Museum of science and industry) in the world also enjoy great reputation. Chicago is a city of music, in order to have many blues club and the world largest Symphony Orchestra is one of the famous, and the lyric opera of Chicago (Chicago Lyric Opera) and a variety of jazz, gospel, reggae, country music and old fashioned rock music. Chicago is also a city of drama - a well received Goodman, Schubert and Steppenwolf theater, and a recently restored Chicago theatre.

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