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    About california Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    California State is a state in the Western Pacific coast of the United States. North East in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, south of Mexico, on the west by the Pacific ocean. Area of 411013 square kilometers, its name from the Spanish legend of the name of a small island.

    California national population density is the highest in the state. It has a population of about 3769 million (in 2011), ranking first in the nation, as a Chinese national is the most concentrated area, Sacramento (Sacramento), major cities in Southern California have Los Angeles (Los Angeles) and Santiago (Santiago), the major cities in Northern California is San Francisco.
    City of art and culture
    If you like music, then California's several major music festival is absolutely not to be missed. For example, Springs Palm held near the Coachella Music Festival, held on the central coast of the Monterey Jazz Festival, etc.. In the city of San Francisco, Mexico, as well as by the impact of the Diego San culture of the old city, you can experience the culture of different ethnic groups. If you want to experience the typical surf culture in California, the Beach Huntington (also known as the city of the United States). Here at the same time a large number of Hollywood stars of the residence oh!
    City Rhythm
    Urban areas of California is very lively, bustling around, for example, San Francisco Union Square (Union Square), downtown Los Angeles dynamic (Downtown) and Sunset Boulevard (Sunset Strip) and San Diego gas burner blocks. California's attractions is also allows time for visitors to visit, such as Anaheim (Anaheim) disneyland (Disneyland Resort), San Diego Sea World

    Education Culture: with outstanding education and employment training system as the guarantee, with a high quality of human resources team. Currently there are about 2300000 students in 213 colleges or universities, there are 266 thousand graduates each year. California northwest corner of a Redwood National Park, Eastern Sierra Nevada on the west side of Piedmont slope zone is Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park; southeastern Death Valley National Monument, Joshua Tree National Reserve. World famous "Hollywood" and "Silicon Valley" in the state.
    The state flower is the golden poppy (Poppy Golden). Is the state bird of California Partridge (California Valley Quail). The state tree is California Redwood California. Motto is "I have found it" (have found it I).
    In June 2016, the California government data show that the total economic output in California has surpassed France to become the sixth largest economy in the world.

    UC Berkeley
    California's famous university in almost all coastal areas (San Francisco and Losangeles Bay area, inland for college). Famous universities include private type of Stanford University [6], California Institute of Technology [7] and public type of University of California at Berkeley [8]. Among them, the University of California as a public university systems have 10 schools, was founded in 1868, the oldest campus at Berkeley, the other campuses in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other 6 city [9]; at the University of California, Berkeley equipment the best professor the strongest lineup.
    California State University called California State University, there are 20 campuses. In addition, there are more than and 200 public and private colleges.
    Arts and entertainment

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